Downloads ROM for your HTC smartphone


Downloads ROM for your HTC smartphone

Download the latest ROM for your carrier and device below. Please note: ROM Downloads are not available for Verizon Wireless Devices. However select Verizon Wireless devices can be updated using the HTC Sync Manager software. Download HTC Sync Manager .

WARNING: If your Bootloader or device software has been modified, you may run the risk of damaging your device by installing the RUU.

Device NameLatest ROM #InstructionsLink
HTC One A91.27.502.5ViewDownload
HTC Desire 626s (Cricket)1.23.506.6ViewDownload
HTC Desire EYE2.09.502.3ViewDownload
HTC Desire 510 (Cricket)1.11.506.8ViewDownload
HTC Desire 512 (Cricket)1.09.506.3ViewDownload
HTC Desire 610 Postpaid1.54.502.15ViewDownload
HTC Desire 610 Prepaid1.54.502.15ViewDownload
HTC Desire 6261.24.502.5ViewDownload
HTC One M93.38.502.41ViewDownload
HTC One (M8)6.20.502.5ViewDownload
HTC One mini4.13.502.5ViewDownload
HTC First1.08.502.4ViewDownload
HTC One7.23.502.9ViewDownload
HTC One VX2.22.502.1ViewDownload
HTC One X5.18.502.15ViewDownload
HTC Vivid3.26.502.56_R23ViewDownload
HTC Status2.14.502.2ViewDownload
HTC Inspire3.20.502.63ViewDownload

Sprint/Boost/VirginMobile/ACG/C Spire

Device NameLatest ROM #Details & InstructionsLink
HTC Bolt1.17.651.22ViewDownload
HTC 102.42.651.6ViewDownload
HTC One A92.18.651.2ViewDownload
HTC Desire 510 (Sprint)1.49.652.3ViewDownload
HTC Desire 510 (Boost)1.49.652.3ViewDownload
HTC Desire 510 (Virgin)1.49.652.3ViewDownload
HTC Desire 626s2.27.651.6ViewDownload
HTC Desire 8162.33.652.5ViewDownload
HTC One (E8)3.10.651.6ViewDownload
HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition6.20.654.3ViewDownload
HTC One M86.20.651.3ViewDownload
HTC One M93.41.651.41ViewDownload
HTC One max3.03.651.3ViewDownload
HTC Desire 601 (Virgin Mobile)2.15.652.15ViewDownload
HTC One M76.23.651.10ViewDownload
HTC One M7 (ACG)6.23.510.1ViewDownload
HTC One (C Spire)6.24.563.2ViewDownload
HTC One SV (Boost)3.05.653.4ViewDownload
HTC One M9 (ACG)2.11.510.16ViewDownload
HTC EVO 4G LTE3.17.651.9ViewDownload

T-Mobile/Metro PCS

Device NameLatest ROM #Details & InstructionsLink
HTC 102.37.531.5ViewDownload
HTC One M93.39.531.41ViewDownload
HTC One (M8)6.20.531.5ViewDownload
HTC One7.18.531.35ViewDownload
HTC Desire 5301.36.531.4ViewDownload
HTC Desire 530 (MetroPCS)1.36.1550.5ViewDownload
HTC Desire 626s2.17.531.13ViewDownload
HTC Desire 626s (MetroPCS)2.17.1550.13ViewDownload


Device NameLatest ROM #Details & InstructionsLink
HTC 102.41.617.3ViewDownload
HTC One A92.18.617.10ViewDownload
HTC One M94.23.617.1ViewDownload
HTC One (M8)6.12.1540.4ViewDownload
HTC One7.17.1540.51ViewDownload
HTC One max4.14.1540.11ViewDownload
HTC Desire 5301.01.617.27ViewDownload
HTC Desire 6101.52.1540.7ViewDownload

Additional Devices

Device NameLatest ROM #Details¬†&¬†InstructiLink
HTC Desire 530(Wal-Mart Family Mobile)1.01.352.25N/ADownload
HTC Freestyle (legacy BREW software)N/AN/ADownload


Device NameLatest ROM #Details & InstructionsLink
HTC One (M8) (all SKUs) HTC Speak APK for Spanish Language FixN/AN/ADownload
Sprint HTC One (M8) Network Performance ToolN/AN/ADownload


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