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The smartphone flash tool is commonly used amongst Android enthusiasts for flashing stock ROMs, custom ROMs, custom recovery images, among other files, for all devices that have a Mediatek system chip.

Since Mediatek themselves made the flashing tool, you won’t find many non-MediaTek equipped devices using it. Instead, there are other flashing tools out there for those, like the Odin flashing tool that Samsung device uses can install, for instance. You can use a search engine such as Google to find out if your device has Mediatek hardware inside.

The SP flash tool also offers flashers the chance to set parameters, including those of the “read” and “write” variety, making it possible for you to set those read and write permissions before you flash. Some other flashing tools offer parameters too, but none quite as well known as the SP flash tool.

Download Smartphone Flash Tool APK Files (SP Flash Tool) For Windows PCs:


  1. […] Some manufacturers like Samsung have their own dedicated flashing tools. Samsung uses the Odin flashing tool, for example. On the other hand, other manufacturers share flashing tools. The SP Flash Tool works for all Micromax mobile devices, as well as for smartphones from other manufacturers that have MediaTek chips as well. It doesn’t matter what version; the latest will be compatible with more devices, but all manufacturers share the same versions. For more on SP Flash Tool versions, you can see the Smartphone Flash Tool’s download page. […]


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