Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool


Simple to install. The Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool comes as a simple installer. All you need to do is extract the file and double-click on the installer to open the application. You may wish to extract the file to the desktop of your computer so you can easily delete it when you are finished with it.

Three flashing options. You get a choice of three flashing options before you flash with the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool. You can choose between “Flash all,” “Flash all except storage,” and “Flash all except data and storage,” thus giving you maximum flexibility between what data you want to be kept on the device.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Mi Flash20180528 – latest

Mi Flash20140509

Mi Flash20150601

Mi Flash20150731

Mi Flash20151028

Mi Flash20160401

Mi Flash20160830

Mi Flash20161222

Mi Flash20170425

Mi Flash20171212

Mi Flash20180528


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